What Does A Dentist Call Their X-Rays...? Tooth-Pics!

With all jokes aside, dental x-rays are a very important and valuable part of your dental exams. Digital x-rays can help your dentist see problems that our naked eye can’t see. Revealing problems such as cavities, condition of your roots, jaw placement, and facial bone composition. Digital oral radiography has completely changed the way we take x-rays and the way we diagnose a smile.

Advantages of Digital Imaging for Oral Care Needs

There are several benefits of utilizing digital x-rays to improve your overall oral health and care. Below we have listed a few: 

  • Diagnose decay between the teeth. 
  • Identify oral developmental abnormalities early on, and fix them.  
  • Improved ability to see improper root positioning, oral cysts, abscesses, fractures in existing fillings, tumors, infections within the tooth nerves, and even bone loss. 
  • An accurate course of treatment such as oral surgery plans, treatment of a root canal, mapping out a plan for dental implants and so much more.  
  • No chemicals are required, faster imaging time, and less exposure to radiation. 

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The need for dental x-rays depends on the patients’ needs and is usually determined based on a thorough review of your medical and dental history, symptoms, age, and risk of disease. Talk to one of our caring dentists and see if it’s time for you to have an x-ray. Find out more about what our digital technology has to offer you and your oral care!

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